Saturday, March 24, 2007

What is normal?

Rev. Craig X. Rubin is a nutball. He runs Temple 420, whose purpose is to dispense and consume marijuana under the auspices of an organized religion. Any objective person can see this as a fraud. The fact that it happen in la la land here in Los Angeles only makes it worse. Last week, Rubin was busted. I noted the incident, and then did some light reading to prep for a potential post. I was going to let the issue pass, but a post by Cavman Considers started me down another path. Caveman said:

I’m thinking the free exercise of religion doesn’t cover this weirdness

Really? Is smoking pot in church any different than dancing with poisonous snakes? What about a congregation rolling around on the floor of a Pentecostal church while speaking in tongues? Is there really a difference? None of it makes sense. It is all make believe. I cannot really call Rubin a nutball, I would have to call every pastor a nutball. I guess he qualifies as normal.


Lexcen said...

All religious practices and beliefs fall into the category of absurd. So what's new? Of course any religious practice that contravenes the law is questionable. The problem is what is the higher authority? The religion or the law?

olly said...

the problem is that there are laws prohibiting drug use in the first place.. if this whackjob wants to smoke ghanj and commune with imaginary beings let him.. he's certainly less harmful than the "intelligent design" movement, or the Jerry Fallwell's of the world.

All religion is nuttery in the end, the only differnce is who drinks the kool-aid, and how much they chug before it starts to make them gag.


Anonymous said...

I may be a nut ball, but I am sincere in my faith...and by the way we don't smoke in church...although that might be fun, but we do mandate burning cannabis, the Biblical Tree of Life, as an incense.