Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let the pandering continue

McCain: Roe v. Wade should be overturned

I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned," the Arizona senator told about 800 people in South Carolina, one of the early voting states.

John McCain does not have a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected. He keeps courting the nutball right, and losing anybody who would of voted for him from the center. McCain is done.

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1 comment:

DavidGX said...

Oh no, by all means if he can't win the presidency let him win the nomination. We need a democrat in office to try and clean up the mess that Bush and his people have made.

Then of course we'll get another republican who will fuck everything back up, drive up a huge debt, point at the democrat who was just in office and go "gee that guy was an asshole huh?"