Sunday, February 18, 2007

old details

I was inspired and humbled after attending the opening of Ansel Adam: Classic Images at the Bowers Museum today. I never quite feel worthy after looking at the work of a master, especially Adams. He sees light in a way that I do not. I am not even sure if I could learn the technique.

I pulled my ever present camera out and shot a few good frames after the show. I liked this shot the best. It is of an antenna from an old Toyota Corolla. I put a few more photos from my day up at my other blog.

I highly recommend the Ansel Adams exhibit. It is 75 original photographs representing his very best best work. My favorite photos were present, as were some I had only read about.


aidan said...

The Bowers museum in Santa Ana is hosting an exhibit of Adams' later work - 75 photographs in all - and rated by many as his finest body of work.

The exhibit named "Classic Images" and will run from February 17 - May 17 2007.

Marian Jordan said...

I LOVE Ansel Adams - my Master