Sunday, November 06, 2005

These things make me feel old

1. Somebody commented on an old blog post about a Chapter 11 sticker I had seen in Long Beach. It thought it meant bankruptcy at the time, It turns out it is yet another local band that I know nothing about.. Chapter 11 plays hip hop and dance hall inspired music – apparently quit well. They are booked at the Blue CafĂ© on November 18th. I’m going.
I've linked to a couple MP3s:
Rude Boy
Ease Up
live and Direct

2. My 15 year old niece Cassie told me about myspace last night while at a birthday party. It seems to be the hot thing for the younger crowd. Of course, I have never heard of it. I happened to open my monthly Wired magazine last night after returning home – myspace is described in a feature article. I am so out of it. Apparently, myspace gets more hits than Google. I need to get out more.

3. I actually visited myspace this morning – I give up. I am old and the world is full of 14 to 24 year old kids.

At least I can still listen to Rage Agaist The Machine - Take the Power Back still rocks - even if I don't.

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Johnny Crow said...

I tell you what, I know exactly how you feel. Though I am just 23 years old. I feel old. I keep up with technology and such, shit I was around when we had BBS and shit. Ok so I too didn't hear about myspace until just a while ago. I did start a blog back when it was a new thing, I had a flickr account, I had a friendster account. I remember when google first came out. I got suckered into myspace, and I tell you what I feel like an old fogie. I met my gf through it. It is full of a lot of young people, but when the hell did I become old. My gf didnt even know RATM was until I told her a song. I mean maybe I'm just crazy, but she told me I already have a grey hair... I got to concerts, local bands, and I am like one of 10 people who can drink there... Sigh...

RATM still rocks.

Anonymous said...

No worries're still young at heart. If you could hang with Pete, Ceez, and I for two years you're still down with the nation's youth. You still rock...unlike most your age. Stay young forever my friend.