Saturday, November 05, 2005

No Drugs In Here

I was walking through a parking structure yesterday when I noticed this truck. As I passed I stopped to try and decipher the secret bumper sticker message represented in the trucks back window.
Bob Marley Revolution = He (I’m guessing here) thinks of himself as a social revolutionary
SEPULTURA = A band, but it is not known to me.
KPFK = Left wing nutball radio for Southern California
Rage Against The Machine = A good band – but focused on social issues. Again, the driver thinks of himself as a social revolutionary.
Bob Marley = The driver might just like to smoke a little weed – or maybe he likes Reggae too. Who Knows?
Free Tibet = ah, the social protest bumper sticker of the year. (or was that of five years ago?)

My analysis: A major drug risk. I think the cops might pull this guy over every time he drives by.

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1 comment:

Johnny Crow said...

If I were to put a bumpersticker on my truck for all the things I like you wouldn't be able to see the back of my truck. Right now I have stickers on there that say "unite and fight", I have one that says "open source is not a crime" another that says "find the clitoris" 2 local band stickers, and a few others, but it no where near represents me in the whole, just happens to be a sticker I liked.. but yeah.. I would think maybe he does get pulled over more often.