Sunday, November 06, 2005

A new photography project

I will be starting a new photography project this week. I intend to take a twenty picture series focusing on Los Angeles area freeways. I have been fascinated with freeway architecture and utility for as long as I can remember. Freeways offer a combination of ugliness and use that produces interest and even beauty, although the beauty is admittedly in the eye of the photographer and tends to be rare. This shot is typical. A balance between utility and cost – a concrete monolith, now aging, that is ubiquitous and invisible. The only reason we notice it at all, is that on occasion we become stuck in place and must notice.

Do I think it is pretty? No, it is gray, ugly and invisible. I like that.

Location: 91 Freeway transition to the south bound 710 Freeway in North Long Beach.

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1 comment:

Johnny Crow said...

I never noticed these things either until I was stuck in traffic. I have a picture of one of these too, with a train going over. all the graffiti, its ugly but in a wierd artistic way.