Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tsunami warning after 7.4 quake in northern California

Well this is a first for me, a real Tsunami Warning issued for all coastal regions of California and Mexico. the official warning reads:A tsunami warning is in effect for the coast areas from the Californian-Mexico border to the north tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia inclusive. This should make for a tense evening for our north facing coastal regions. for those of you who don't live here, 7.4 is BIG shaking, it is way up on the Exorcist scale, near head spinning levels with the potential for green vomit.

I'm stuck in a highrise in the OC for now so no worries for me, but I think I'll avoid the coast road home. My friend Pete, sitting to my left at them moment, has a nice ride home to Huntington Beach tonight. I wonder how well he will sleep tonight.