Sunday, June 12, 2005

Nutball Altert: Pray for Katie

Pray for Katie: is a website chronicling the horrible cancer experiences of a 12-year-old named Katie's Wernecke of Agua Dulce, Texas. Katie has Hodgkin’s disease. She completed chemotherapy and was scheduled to begin additional radiation therapy when her parents determined she was in remission and no longer needed additional treatment. Her parents refused the radiation treatment and accused the doctors of experimenting with Katie in some bizarre medical test. The State of Texas did not agree. CPS took Katie away from her parents after a nation wide Amber Alert was issued to find her. Apparently, Katie’s parents were trying to protect her from further treatments by hiding her on a family ranch in rural Texas.

Why a nutball post? Two reasons really. First, the real reasons the Wernecke’s do not want treatment for their daughter is because they are members of the Worldwide Church of God. Members have not believed in the use of medicine to treat illnesses since the issuance of the Armstrong healing doctrine (they don’t even take aspirin). The second reason they are on the nutball list is that they are lying by directing readers of their blog. They claim they are saving their daughter from unneeded and questionable medical treatments while appealing to Christians the world over to pray for Katie. It is quintessential nutball behavior.

There is no doubt that Katie needs help (even prayer if you believe in that). Keep her in your thoughts; she is a beautiful little girl who is going through a parent created hell at the moment. Too bad her parents are nutballs.

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Anonymous said...

And now, her cancer is back. Now there's a huge surprise. What were her parents (especially her father) thinking? I feel sorry for this little girl. The above links you to an article in the 1/3/07 edition of the Houston Chronicle.