Monday, November 08, 2004

Nutball Alert: KPFK and the mystery of the Rigged Election

I heard a nutball idea today on Pacifica radio station in Los Angeles, KPFK. A caller to a talk show running during the 2:00 to 3:00 hour suggested that listeners join him in calling the news desks of all the major news media outlets to suggest story ideas supporting the fringe left position that the presidential election was rigged. The radio host ( I don’t know his name yet!) responded that the idea was a good one, andthen encouraged the caller to give his email address out over the airwavesn so that people could help out. I plan to write a few nutball love notes to Matt (the caller) when I get a chance.

There are two things about the KPFK program that bother me: First, they seem to think that the election was rigged, and second, they think the news media supported Bush and trashed Kerry. Both ideas sound absurd to me. The idea that the election was rigged is based on the worst type of fringe hysteria thinking (they actually claimed Bush was in Ohio on election day planning the deception). The "news media supports Bush" theory is based on the fact that the media will nott cover KPFK's NUTBALL election rigging theories. This kind of thinking is unsound by any stretch of the imagination, and just plan NUTBALL too. KPFK actually referred to the election as "the end of the Republic and the start of the Empire!" Nutballs, but very entertaining!

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Nathan said...

if you think it is "nutball" just do a search in google.

open your mind & investigate. that is the only hope for battling corruption.

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