Monday, November 08, 2004

Islam, Christianity, and sex with animals

An odd subject came up today while discussing Islam with a few friends; what is Islam's view towards bestiality? My assumption was that Islam condemns it. I mean, why would anybody condon sex with an animal? It is superfreaky, right? As usual, I was dead wrong. I thought it might be a good idea to check the bible on this since I am not so sure what the Christian position was, so here it goes.

The Bible position:
Leviticus 23 says “Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.”, this seems pretty clear.

(I could be confused here; Leviticus goes into a long list of people, things, and conditions limiting sex. By the time I got to animals, I was pretty sure sex was just not allowed at all.)

An Islamic position:
From Ayatollah Khomeini
A man can have sex with animals such as sheeps, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine. (Quotes above are from Khomeini's book, Tahrirolvasyleh, vol. 4, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990, Source: Homa)

Ok, what kind of crap is that?

If anyone knows what the Koran says, please post. I looked, but had trouble understanding the translations.

The Atheist position: (mine)
What, are you crazy? Who would want to have sex with an animal?


passthebread said...

And this from CNN:
"The pink elephant of the Third World war was officially exposed today at when this foolish simpleton from the blogoshere uncovered (no pun intended) the psycho-sexual motivations of islamic terrorism. ..."

Amigo, tu eres famous...

Mary-Jo said...

Hiya. Just couldn't help but leave a comment. You weren't dead wrong - Islam condemns bestiality! I'm not sure if you are aware of the different sects in Islam. There are two major sects - Sunni & Shia. Ayatollah Khomeini is a Shia scholar (soi-disant, of course) and he is one whacked bloke! Mainstream Muslims condemn Shiaism and refute all sorts of crap they come up with.

In Islam all sexual relationships outside marriage are prohibited. The Qur'an has many verses addressing the issue, even though it does not specifically address bestiality.

"Nor come nigh to adultery for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils)." [Qur'an 17:32]

"And Allah has made for you mates (and companions) of your own nature, and made for you, out of them, sons and daughters and grandchildren, and provided for you sustenance of the best: will they then believe in vain things, and be ungrateful for Allah's favours?" [Qur'an 16:72]

"Mates out of your own nature" ... it's pretty clear enough I reckon.

Also, the people of Sodom were destroyed because they practiced homosexuality. When homosexuality is not allowed, how can bestiality be allowed?!

"And Lut! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before. "Lo! ye come with lust unto men instead of women. Nay, but ye are wanton folk. "And the answer of his people was only that they said (one to another): Turn them out of your township. They are folk, forsooth, who keep pure." [Quran 7:80-82]

Prophet Muhammad said: "Four people entail Allah's wrath night and day". It was asked, 'Who are they Messenger of Allah?’ He answered, "Effeminate men and masculine women, the adulterer of animals and sodomizers."
[Reported by Ibn Hajar Al Haithami on the authority of Abu Huraira in 'Majma Al Zawaid']

He also said: "On the day of judgement there will be seven people who will be excluded from Allah's Mercy and Purification. Allah will sentence them to enter hell-fire with those who enter it: Those who commit sodomy, the one who commits masturbation, the one who approaches an animal from its anus, the one who approaches a woman from her anus, the one who marries a woman and her daughter together, the adulterer of his neighbour's wife and the one who brings harm to his neighbour until he accurse him."
[Reported by Ibn Kathir in his 'Great Exegesis']

Hope this helped.


Anonymous said...

If it's not in the Koran, you can't say it's the "islamist position". Many groups or sects claiming to be Christians have written a lot of nonsense, it doesn't make it the "Christian position".

Anonymous said...

i know this comment comes in very late with respect to the blog, but i would like to point out to fellow and future readers that the source mentioned for the islamic point of view, is a disputed one.

i did make a quick search, and found that the original book is said to have only TWO volumes, instead of the alleged FOUR volumes.
i request the blogger to pls. confirm the sources.

with respect to mary-jo's comment, i would like to add that the person you are talking about is a highly learned and respected one. he has reached the level of 'marja' after working and studying islamic laws for many many years. i'm very much sure he knows these and many other verses of the quran much better than you, who i believe must have picked up the quran only to find some reference to this article.

if u think he is a 'whacked bloke' then i must say that the SHAH of Iran (and his backers in the West) were far greater 'whacked blokes ' to be uprooted from the country by a single man.
history is evidence to it.

hope this helps clear the misconception the readers.


Anonymous said...

as a muslim i can help you..

bestaility is forbidden in islam!
if homosexuality has no stand what makes you think bestaility would?!

no disrespect to the above anonymous but mary-jo has made it more than clear

and yes she has the right quotes from the qur'an!

highly learned does not mean it is correct! and respect has no stand with that!

Anonymous said...

guys n gals who ever r readin this, just check this site out as well....i guess khomaini's wife ddnt give him sex so he had to have it with cows and sheeps and killed them so they dont testify against him.....heheheeh!!!


red1 said...

I am a convert to Islam, but i have trouble reconciling that Islam at one time allow female POW (classified as slave girls) to be 'owned' against their will.

Anonymous said...

Thats a gabrication. Im starting to see even more fabrications of Islamic rules and laws on the internet where the corrupted are still infiltrating Islam.

Islam 100% forbids bestiality. That is disgusting act I honestly think this information has being fabricated by the Western culture

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Having phd doesnot make u correct in every sense.that's is what there are thing tht is called hidayah.brilliant person may be far more deviated when he use logic only or uses non sahih hadith.ayatollah is a shiah and shiah deviated from the original teaching in islam.
To the person who converted to islam, islam does not allow slaves to be owned by owner against her will.please study more on that. N islam doesnt encourage heving slaves, thats why in a lot of repent from sin require men to free their slaves (slaves are common in every nation, religion at that time, mind you)

Anonymous said...

The Koran itself does not openly condemn bestiality and when it does mention things regarding sex with animals, there doesn't seem to be any reason for it to be condemned.

To be fair, that is from a certain Ayatollah of Shi-ah Islam and isn't reflective of ALL Muslim opinions, but I don't see where it is condemned in Koran.
You don't have to agree with this site but it might help.

Informed said...

Hi Mary Jo. From your above statement all would be excluded from paradise including the profit. All have masturbated The Prophet also told his aunt Khaula to wash her hands after she masterbates, a question she had asked him . I don't know if that was before or after he had sex with her. Quran 33 - 50 + 51

Informed said...

Also see Bukhari 7 - 62 - 48