Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Carson Ugly # 10 - The Park

Carson Ugly #10 © Copyright 2004 Mojoey

Come, play in our park. when bored, climb the tower of commerce.

I love Carson, every block offers its own adventure.

The Carson Ugly series so far:

#1 - The Train Tracks
#2 - The Carson Can Man
#3 - The Gate
#4 - The Tree in a box
#5 - Wilmington Ave & 223rd
#6 - Political Postings
#7 - Fat woman sleeping on a bench
#8 - The Carson River
#9 - The Tarp Fence
#10 - The Park


Anonymous said...

Your right, this is ugly. Unfortunately for you, its NOT CARSON.

Mojoey said...

Oh great and powerful anonymous critic - If I stand in the street to shoot this picture (which I did), I am standing in CARSON. Therefor whatever I see qualifies as CARSON UGLY. Split hairs if you will, it is still ugly.