Friday, September 24, 2004

Carson Ugly #7

Carson Ugly #7 © Copyright 2004 Mojoey

This morning I stopped to get some tea on at Carl's at the corner of Avalon and Carson, this woman was sleeping off another cold lonely night. I bought her breakfast and asked her story, she had been displaced from her mobile home about six months earlier and was now homeless and alone. I could not take any more pictures, it had got personal. I agreed to look for her if I were in the area again; she could always use a meal.

Why is this Carson Ugly? If I back up and take a wide shot, the Carson civic center is in the background. This woman had spent the whole night by herself within 100 yards of what passes for downtown, complete with the Mayor, City Hall, and the local sheriff sub station, way-to-go Carson!

Oh, and I’m sure she is actually a woman. She had all the right curves, but looked kind of man like and had a gritty androgynous voice. We did not exchange names.

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Princess Kimberley said...

Bah! That's nothing! This one time, in college, I fell asleep in the hall way, face down in a calculus book, puddle of drool forming on the page, while waiting for class to begin. :/

OK, so it has nothing to do with the guy sleeping on the bench. Just thought I'd share it.