Sunday, September 26, 2004

Movie Review - Shaun of the Dead

I saw Shaun of the Dead yesterday. It’s a great romantic comedy with zombies! I laughed from the opening credits until I walked out of the theater. The movie is hilarious. Simon Pegg plays likeable loser Shaun who rises to hero status as he battles the army of zombies, mostly to impress his girlfriend Liz, played by Kate Ashfied. The most enjoyable character is Ed, played by Nick Frost. He is all of us at our couch potato best. Plus, he reminds me of my son Jon, whose addiction to video games is legendary.

I won’t go into the plot. I don’t want to spoil the fun. Let’s just say that whoever made this movie is a genius. The movie plays with your perceptions at ever turn. Edgar Wright early on establishes this satire as not only a jab at dawn of the dead, but as a jab at us. As the opening credits roll, one cannot help but laugh at the zombie like depiction of daily life. I’ve seen the same look myself as I drive to work on the freeways of LA.

My favorite movie bit is when the Shaun, Liz, and Ed beat the crap out of a zombie bartender with pull cues to the beat of a Queen hit. The music in Shaun of the dead rocks; It makes the movie. One cannot help but tap a toe in rhythm to the zombie beat (or beating).

The movie is kid safe; my nine year old loved it. Enjoy!