Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What the hell is Ashley Madison

What the hell is Ashley Madison and why should I care? I started seeing the news and originally thought it was a shopping site that had been hacked. My wife had to explain it to me. Now I find out it’s an unknown (to me anyway) way for married adults to hook up for extra marital affairs. Again, why should I care? Adults are free to do as they please.

I turns out that pious Christian and Muslim moralists like and use the site. Well, I’m not surprised nor should any reader of this blog be surprised. These people are liars and worse, forgiven liars.

We have Josh Duggar, who by now should not be able to show his face in any church in America. He is repentant and forgiven. Heck, he cheated because his wife did not service his needs. It’s really not even his fault.

Then there is the totally obnoxious Christian Lifestyle blogger,
who had an Ashley Madison account. He only admits to having the account. God forgave him too, so please continue watching his videos to he can make a living telling you how to live.

Islamist Hamza Tzortzis had an account that he denies was his. He just wanted a female for cuddling, blowjobs and hand jobs. It’s all good though, the paid account using his address and email was obviously an fraud. You can go on believing his hate speech. It’s all good.

None of us believe that the Executive Director of the Louisana Republican party, Jason DorĂ©, did “opposition research” with his paid account. Has he been fired yet? I was doing research… right.

People are killing themselves over the scandal. No pastors yet, but I’m sure its just a matter of time. Don’t kill yourselves people. It’s just adultery. God will forgive you. Just pray it away.