Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So Jared Fogle is a freak

Jared Fogle will go away for a few years. It turns out he is a freak. I know that it is hard to miss the news. He’s all over the headlines as he’s admitted to child porn and having sex with underage girls. The charges do not include the word rape, which I find repugnant. Fogle cut a deal with the charges and will only do a few years in prison, but even five years will be enough to assure that he returns to civilian life a changed man. Prison is tough on child molesters. He’s in for some hard time.

I am pleased to learn that a porn sniffing dog helped bring this bastard down. I hear the pouch is rentable… You listening churches?

And Subway is looking at its own execs to see if anybody knew or suspected. There is evidence that allegations were reported to Subway. If true, this could get complicated.

I also learned that Fogle Child Obesity Foundation has never issued a grant. It appears the foundation was designed to build and image and possible get him access to kids.

Is there anything to learn from this case? The Huffington Post thinks so. The author reminds us that pedophilia is a clinical disorder. I don’t really care about that. What I learned is that powerful people are enabled by those around them, be it a large corporation or the people he associates with. Money hides many sins.