Sunday, August 09, 2015

The case against pastor Howard Chambers

I get tips.

Howard key chambers minister at dehaven lagrange baptist 5 yrs pastor 20 yrs crestwood baptist admits seeking sex on craigs list having sex with 10 yr old 8 times. Oldham county ky. Fbi case to be heard in dec 2015. Church not seeking possible g victims in church.

Some tips are about old case, some are about new cases and some are about cases that I’ve missed. I missed the case of Baptist music pastor Howard Chambers. I’m sorry I did too. It is horrible on many levels and leaves questions.

Pastor Howard ‘Key’ Chambers was the minister of music at DeHaven Baptist Church in LaGrange at the time of his arrest for the alleged sexual exploitation of a child. The details of this case are particularly disturbing as the story includes a Craigslist add, a ten-year-old girl, forced prostitution and rape.

Chambers placed an ad Craigslist in which he described a sexual fantasy where a 62-year-old granddaddy was looking to play with his young teen granddaughter. A man responded to the ad and sold his 10-year-old daughter to Chambers for sex. Chambers would play out his fantasy at least seven or eight times.

When interviewed he claim the victims father forced the sex and directed all of the activity. Chambers claimed that he returned because the man was going to turn him in.

Chambers was originally schedule for trial in March 2015, but the trial was pushed out to August.

I read every article I could find on this case and I found few answers. What did his employer do? What actions were taken to address possible abuse at the church? Did they even look for abuse among the children Chambers had access too? I found some references to Pastor Ross Bauscher and DeHaven Baptist Church not making a decision about Chambers’ future. I found some other comments related to disbelieve and support for Chambers, but these are typical of the Baptist response to abuse allegations.

We're told the 62-year-old goes by 'Key' and is the minister of music at DeHaven Baptist Church in LaGrange. Anna Sue Craigmyle has been going there for decades and sings in the choir. 

"He just was a fun guy to be around," she said.  "I'm just, I'm sick, I really am," she said about the charges. 
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This case stinks. Chambers was also an associate pastor at Crestwood Baptist Church.