Saturday, August 08, 2015

Guest Post - on pastor Garth Bent

This guest post was submitted by a reader about youth pastor Garth Bent, who I posted on in 2008 and again in 2009 when I got a tip that Bent pleaded guilty to molesting a young boy in 1982. The conviction never made the press. I’m always mindful that the damage from these cases touch many lives. I present the story below unedited and in full.

This is my Story about Garth Bent - Peter Judd
As a young boy, many of us look up to older guys, people whom we trust and we think are just wonderful. 
I attended camp, Ontario Pioneer Camp. Garth was my Councillor the last year I was there. I was about 13 years old. He took us on Canoe trips, He was the best fisherman in the whole camp. He was just a great guy. 
I always wondered about him for years. 3 years ago I took my own child to OPC and he loved it, He has been going ever since. Now I have two boys going and my wife is camp nurse. 
I asked the manager this summer about Garth and she told me his last name. So I looked it up on the internet. 
I was devastated to learn he had been charged with 4 counts of sexual assault. My Child hood Hero, a child molester. 
I am deeply sorry for what happened to those kids, now adults. To me, he was a great person. What happened….? 
The Assaults did not , from what I understand , take place at OPC. I still send my kids there, they still love it. My wife is A wonderful nurse. 
I am very deeply hurt by this. If you or anyone knows of what became of Garth, I would like to know.