Friday, July 10, 2015

Sometimes I wake up and think, wtf?

The news this morning is horrifying.

A man killed seven people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania over a seven-week period during shooting rampages in which at least some victims may have been targeted at random, authorities said Thursday.
- via Yahoo News

Seven people were allegedly murdered at random by Todd West of Elizabeth, New Jersey. West bought his ammunition at Walmart, where one can be ammo as easy as buying candy.

Random murder in America is enabled by our gun culture. Here are more examples from the last week.

Carrie Jean Melvin was murdered while walking in Hollywood. Her assailant used a shotgun blast to the back of her head while she walked with her boyfriend near Sunset Boulevard. There are no suspects.

Last week, Kathryn Steinle was murdered at random while walking in on San Francisco’s Pier 14. Her assailant, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, allegedly used a rifle stolen from a federal agent. It’s a horrible story, but lets not forget the news crew that was pistol-whipped and robbed while covering the shooting.

In Florida, where anything is possible, two men executed a man and womanwhile their five children slept nearby.

Why do I read the news?