Friday, July 10, 2015

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #7

Today’s post is dedicated to Ghana, Africa, which is 69% Christian, with 24% of the Christian population identifying as Pentecostal or Charismatic. Apparently, the only requirement necessary to be a pastor, evangelist, bishop or prophet, is simply clicking your heals three times and shouting your desired title to the heavens. Becoming a pastor in Ghana, and much of Africa for the matter, is simply a means of making a living. Religion is big business. Abuses are rampant. Here are five cases.

Pastor Abraham Larbi was arrested for allegedly assaulting a female member of his church over a loan of 680 Cedi ($188) Larbi. The abuser used a stick to beat the victim. Larbi is the leader of God’s Kingdom Miracle Church in Oforikrom, Ghana.

Pastor Kofi Gidi was arrested for… well some weird stuff related to the possession of fake currency, voodoo spells, curses and counterfeiting. Gidi is a self-styled business man and pastor, which is a thing in Africa. Gidi was arrested in Amanfrom, Ghana.

Pastor Samuel Owusu was arrested for fraud after withdrawing 15,000 Cedis ($4,257) from the account of his driver. He used a voter ID card to impersonate his driver and withdraw the funds from a local bank. Owusu is a self-styled pastor from the district of Agona Asafo, Ghana.

Pastor Eric Isaiah Adusah was arrested for murder after his British wife, Charmain Adusa (Spiers) was found drowned in a hotel bathroom. Adusah had told hotel staff that his wife did not want to be disturbed, so her body was not discovered for three days. She was three months pregnant. Adusah is the leader of Tottenham-based Global Light Revival Ministries.

The arrest took place in Koforidua, Ghana. There were in country to attend a conference held by Bishop John Yaw Adu, who likes to chain mentally ill people together in prayer camps.

  • Link to original story.
  • Background on Charmain Adusa (Spiers)
  • The Prophet is out on bail
  • Fun fact - Adusah refers to himself as the Prophet Adusah. The title is self-proclaimed.

And finally, pastor Alhassan Ibrahim was arrested for publication of false news. He claimed to be the president of Armed Robber Association of Ghana, the proceeds of which were used to enrich himself. He also claimed to eat a pregnant woman’s heart in a voodoo ceremony and used dead infants for voodoo purposes, but don’t worry, he’s a Christian now so it’s all good. The arrest took place in Kumasi, Ghana.

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