Monday, July 06, 2015

Comment on Baptist pastor Bill Wininger

In many ways I am haunted by posts. Stories of hypocrisy that I’ve written years ago keep producing comments and emails. Some of which are painful to read. With each communication, I’m taken back to the original story where I relive the depravity all over again. It hurts at times, especially when it involves the victims.

I posted on pastor Bill Wininger (IFB Baptist) in 2013 when he was originally accused of molesting a young girl at his church. I posted again in 2014 when he was accused of simple battery against a woman at his church. I even read his book.

A few weeks ago another victim sent in a comment. I think its important that her story be told.
I just found this blog/post/forum and can say without any shadow of doubt this man is guilty. How do I know? Because I am one of many women he TRIED to victimize. I am also one of the few who stepped up and told the truth to leaders. The result....I was asked to leave and remain silent, (sorry, cannot do that) made out to be a troublemaker, bitter divorcee, rebellious Christian, shunned and one of them called my place of business, wanting me dismissed for being vocal about the truths going on there. I don't need to read his book, or know anymore about him. I know far too much already and so do many others. I found out later, why all the silence. The worst part, is that those who DID know of the former allegations, CHOSE to allow this man to have unlimited access to anything or anyone in that school and church without any accountability to anyone. No one ever dared question his methods or his actions. Not even his own family. This man is guilty, but there is some responsibility held by those who stood by and did nothing until they blamed and fired teachers rather than try to help them as victims. They chose to see them as liabilities and get rid of them. As the Bible says, ..."be sure your sins will find you out."
Damn. Can you imagine an environment where if you speak out against leadership you are cut off and kicked out? Does that sound like a safe place to you? It does not sound like a safe place to me. In fact, it sounds like a place where bullies and misogynists feel right at home.

I never found out what happened to pastor Bill Wininger. There are no press reports of his conviction. If anyone knows what happened, please post it below.

To be fair, I should disclose that I classify Independent Fundamentalist Baptists (IBF) as a Christian cult. Read more here.