Monday, July 06, 2015

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #5

A few weeks ago I old a friend that I was behind on posting stories of hypocrisy. Five posts and 42 pastor later and I’m just now catching up.

Pastor Raymond Paul Buhrow, 64, charged with indecent assault, unlawful contract with a minor and corruption of a minor. The victims were 14 and 16 years old girls. Burrow was the pastor at Calvary Temple Holiness Church of Carlisle, Pa.

The good pastor got confused about the meaning of the great gospel song "He Touched Me!”No doubt this will add fuel to the anti-Christian movement, and the New-Age Order of completely destroying America, and rewriting its history to fit the immorality sweeping the nation.
- via Nutball

Youth pastor Jeremy Mitchell was charged for having an inappropriate relationship with a young girl. Mitchell worked for Eastview Christian Church, Martinsville, Ind.

“He came and told us the situation and resigned.  We prayed for him and then notified the proper authorities and things have taken their course,” said Rick Miller, senior minister at Eastview Christian Church.
- via Fox 59
Pastor Venije Singkoh, 70, charged with three counts of child molestation has pleaded down to a misdemeanor count of false imprisonment. He was accused on kissing a 9-year-old girl while she sat on his lap. Singkoh practices his faith from his home in Daily City Ca. He does not have to register as a sex offender.

Bishop Alfred Drake stands accused of illegally selling his church for a fraction of its market value. Drake took $50k fee and a promise of a free apartment for the deal. The church is asking a judge to void the sale. Drake was defrocked by this church, The Holy Cross African Orthodox Church in Harlem, NY.

Rev. Jeremiah N. Murasso has been suspended because of accusations that he sexually abused a child. Criminal charges have not been filed. Morass was pastor at Blessed Sacrament and the Shrine of St. Anne in Waterbury, CT.

Pastor James Osborne and his wife Joyce Osborne, pleaded guilty to larceny for stealing $70k from Ghent Bible Baptist church in Ghent, Ny. The face seven years in prison.

Pastor Larry McKinley Clark want to move his child molestation trail out of Rockbridge County because his case has received too much publicity. Clark has already been convicted of sexual assault in another case and will serve 35 years in prison. Plus, there is another case with additional child molestation charges involving a 14 year old boy. Clark was the pastor at Pentecostal Outreach Church in Buena Vista, VA.