Sunday, February 16, 2014

Youth pastor John Hyobin arrested

Youth pastor Hyo Bin Im, A.K.A. John Hyobin, was arrested for an alleged horrible breach of trust. If true, this story qualifies as an epic Christian fail. That is to say, the youth pastor did the exact opposite of what a pastor (or human being) should do. Hyobin is alleged to have taken in teen runaways, and then raping one of the girls.

San Ramon police Lt. Tom LaRocque said Im was housing two 17-year-old girls who were reported missing from San Mateo County around the beginning of the year.
The youth pastor first met the girls at the San Francisco Salvation Army Korean Corps in 2010, LaRocque said.
Police said they found evidence at the home that the suspect had a sexual relationship with one of the teens.
Source: Pastor who allegedly housed teen runaways arrested for sex crime

Hyobin also allegedly abused a small dog which had to be euthanized. What a jerk… Hyobin worked at the Contra Cost Korean Presbyterian Church and was affiliated with The Living Well Ministries, a non-profit Hyobin created to help widows, the homeless and emancipated orphans. Authorities think there are more victims. 

The story grew a little more crazy when the mother of victim asked the church for help months before the arrest. 

So the church knew that their youth pastor was housing underage female runaways. They were also asked to help but did not do anything. I smell a lawsuit.