Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baptist pastor kills himself leaving questions

I hate stories like this. A Baptist pastor named Allen "Tommy" Rucker, of the First Baptist Church in Dunkerton, Iowa, killed himself recently. He shot himself behind his parsonage. His friends are left to wonder why. I'm left annoyed...

Rucker was described as a "godly man" who constantly read the bible. What does this mean? Why is it important to point out that he constantly read the bible? Does reading the bible make him godly or does it somehow make him less likely to suicide? Is suicide what godly men do? How do the two reconcile? Why is it that when something like this happens people point to the good like they are offsetting the bad? Suicide is horrible. Why would a “godly man" do this? Why would a man who constantly read the bible do this? I really want to know. Does anybody know? Will anybody ever offer an answer? 

I have no doubt Rucker was a good man.If he killed himself, I have no doubt he also suffered his own personal demons. I offer my condolences to his family and friends. My beef is with the reporting, or the lack of it.

Of course I risk blowback by posting. I’m sure to feel a little love soon. Like the comments posted by Elizabeth Hygema

Elizabeth Hygema posted:

Until you have walked in this man's shoe's. It is easy to talk the talk. Depression is very real and especially for someone who works in the ministry. The Devil often attacks the person who is doing the most for him. Until you have been there...Shut your mouth and have some respect for his family and his church. They are hurting right now

There is no avoiding this. I understand this. 

The story was updated with more information, but nothing meaningful regarding his death.