Thursday, February 20, 2014

Seven years in prison is not enough for the Schaibles

Herbert and Catherine Schaible, profiled here, will serve up to seven years in prison for allowing their seven-month-old son to die of pneumonia. Kent was their second child do die because of the Schaible's reliance on faith healing. Both children could have lived if given a simple course of antibiotics.

“My religious beliefs are that you should pray, and not have to use medicine. But because it is against the law, then whatever sentence you give me, I will accept,” Catherine Schaible, 44, told the judge, adding that her beliefs have since changed.
The Schaibles are third-generation members of an insular Pentecostal community, the First Century Gospel Church in northeast Philadelphia, where they also taught at the church school.

Source: A Pentecostal Christian couple who believed in 'faith healing' have been sent to prison after two of their children died

At least six of their children are protected from their religious idiocy for now and the Schaibles cannot produce any more of their own while in prison.