Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pastor Bobby Burrell found not guilty

I did not track this case because it seemed petty and without merit.

Pastor Bobby Burrell was arrested after a youth at his church walked in on him while he was masturbating in a bathroom. He was accused of worse.

The verdict marks the end of a long wait for Bobby Burrell who has been under investigation since October of 2012 for the accusations. His accuser claimed Burrell took him to his church, showed him porn, and then began to touch himself in front of him.

After the verdict came back it was jubilation for the friends and family members of Burrell, who from the get go, stood by his side saying this isn't something he would do. Burrell admitted to masturbating in the church, but said it was never in front of his accuser. He said his accuser, instead, walked in on him when he was doing the act in the church's bathroom. His attorney said morally he made a mistake, but now he is innocent.

Source: Bobby Burrell found not guilty of child sexual abuse

There is more on the original arrest here