Friday, January 10, 2014

Youth pastor Oliver Brazelle arrested


A former music and youth minister, Oliver Brazelle, now 79, was arrested and charged with second-degree sexual abuse and one-count of second-degree sodomy. There is currently only one victim. Authorities are hoping more will come forward.

Sheffield police launched an investigation in July 2012 after church members contacted police in regards to accusations of child sexual abuse. Police said the investigation was put on hold a month later because the reported victims were unwilling to come forward.

ABI officials said Faulkner began his investigation in early December after the department was contacted by one reported victim who is now an adult.

“Officially, we never had a victim,” Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray said about the July investigation. “We talked to several people, but no one (came) forward.”

The chief said investigators interviewed several people during the probe.

“I’m glad someone finally stepped up,” Ray said. “Maybe this will bring others forward.”

Source: Ex-youth minister linked to sex abuse

Pastor Brazelle is a Lutheran. He worked for the First United Methodist Church of Sheffield.