Friday, January 17, 2014

Update on the Pastor Richard Shahan murder case

I did not see this twist coming. Pastor Richard Shahan was allegedly leading a double life. 

Investigators say that Pastor Richard Shahan was heading to the UK to marry is boyfriend and that he had no intention of returning the USA.

Richard Lee Shahan was arrested January 1 at Nashville's airport, approximately five months after his wife was stabbed to death in the couple's home. After going through 3,000 of his emails, prosecutors say they learned of Shahan's plan to meet his boyfriend in Europe, traveling first to Kazakhstan—where he'd told relatives and friends he was going on a three-year mission trip—and then settling in the UK.

"He planned to become a citizen there and begin a new life with his boyfriend... who he intended to marry," Deputy Jefferson County District Attorney Leigh Gwathney told "He had no intention of ever returning to the United States. He had no home to return to and he had said his goodbyes to his family."

Source:Pastor Accused of Murdering Wife Arrested on Way to Marry Boyfriend

We’ve been waiting for a motive in this case and now investigators have delivered. I wonder what his staunch ally pastor Charles T. Carter has to say about the case now?

Thanks for the tip David!