Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update on Pastor Craig Lamar Davis HIV case

Do you remember Baptist pastor Craig Lamar Davis? He stands accused of having sex with women while infected with HIV and not telling his partners. He plans on mounting a vigorous defense. Here are the main points:
  1. He was not and is not a pastor.
  2. He is not infected with HIV because HIV test are wrong.
  3. He did not have sexual relations with the woman he is accused of attempting to infect.
My take on this case is simple. This good-looking young man is a nutball. You can see for yourself in the video below.
FOX Carolina 21

Davis plans on using expert witnesses to establish that he is not infected. The state plans on using facts and test results.
Davis said his defense will challenge the validity of HIV tests. His attorney said prosecutors will not be able to prove he is HIV positive or that he even had sex with those women. 
"What the jury is going to find out and the community in general is that there is no test for HIV virus," said Turner. "The whole thing is speculative and we are going to have expert witnesses to come and testify to that."
Of course, Davis was tested in jail and informed that he was HIV positive. That's on the record so this is all a smoke screen. My prediction... lots of prison time.

*** Update 2/2/2014

Pastor Greg Lamar Davis was found guilty. He faces 20 years in prison.