Thursday, January 02, 2014

Retired pastor Bryant Badger arrested

I read stories like this one and say, "Poor bastard."
Rev. Bryant Badger was arrested for soliciting sex via a portable toilet in a local park. He allegedly place notes inside giving details on what he was willing to do and how to contact him.
He also left his number, and after police received many calls from concerned residents they called Badger and arranged a meeting, Thompson said. 
"It was seen by a lot of people," he said. 
An undercover officer called Bryant and told him he was willing to do "anything," according to the police report obtained by the Star-Tribune in Casper. 
The pastor first arranged for a meeting at his home but the officer declined and they met at a different park than where he left the note, the Star-Tribune reported. After that, Badher suggested they meet at an adult video store where Badger told the undercover officer "he had been there several times to perform sexual acts," the newspaper reported. 
Source: Retired Wyoming pastor arrested for arranging sex via public Port Potty
It’s too bad they can’t arrested him under a public stupidity statute or something. This guys is just a randy old sex junky and dumb.

Badger was the pastor at the First Christian Church of Casper Wyoming.  The First Christian Church is associated with the Disciples of Christ, which Embraces Homosexuality by allowing gay pastors and by performing gay marriages. I’m not sure if Badger is an out gay pastor, well… if he was not he is now, but he is a dumb ass. High-risk public sex is dumb and fraught with dangers; the least of which is an humbling arrest. Add in posting graphic sexual messages in a public toilet and we can start to question his sanity. Did he learn nothing from 25 years in the ministry? I’m guessing no.