Thursday, January 02, 2014

Pastor's story ranked 12th

I found this small story in a year-end recap of to stories for Daily Journal Online edition in Farmington (where it is a cold 18 degrees).

Ranking at 12 was “Pastor charged with assault, stalking.” Carl M. Cureton, 69, of Fredericktown was charged with the two class A misdemeanors which led to him leaving Calvary Temple church in Madison County and pleading to a lesser charge

Source: Arsonist firefighters top list of most viewed stories in 2013

The story as told in headlines

Pastor charged with Assault, Stalking

Carl M. Cureton, 69, of Fredericktown was charged with the two class A misdemeanors and a criminal summons was issued Wednesday. He is represented by Attorney Dan Fall of the law firm Schnapp, Fall, Silvey, Reid & Bollinger, LLC.
Cureton said he plans to continue serving as senior pastor.

"I am aware of the allegations and I'm trying to get this resolved as soon as possible," said Cureton.

Pastor's legal counsel tries to close records

"The nature of the allegations, the position of the defendant as a pastor in the community, and the fact that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty justify and warrant this courts ordering all records related to said charges closed." 

This is the because he’s a pastor and the community thinks there is a need to protect his reputation. It is total BS and a good example of Christian privilege.

The DA disagreed

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Scott Killen says the probable cause statement is not an investigative report or a report at all for that matter, but a statement of facts to support charges. 
In the motion the PA's office states, "Probable cause statements are a creature of the Missouri Supreme Court Rule of Criminal Procedure 21.04. When the prosecuting attorney files information it must be supported by statement of probable cause."

Pastor resigns amid controversy

The senior pastor of Calvary Temple has resigned according to church officials.
Carl M. Cureton, 69, of Fredericktown was asked to resign by the church's six-member board amid allegations of assault and stalking. He was charged with the two class A misdemeanors just more than a week ago. 
Reportedly, he was asked to resign because he was not forthcoming and consistent in statements made about the situation to the board.

Longtime pastor gets a plea agreement

The Madison County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has filed an amended, lesser charge against Rev. Carl M. Cureton of Fredericktown. The action stems from a plea agreement to which the alleged victim consented. 
Cureton, 69, of Fredericktown now faces the single class B misdemeanor of peace disturbance. He was originally charged with third degree assault and stalking, both class A misdemeanors. 
According to, Prosecutor Andrew Tarry filed "nolle prosequi," or a voluntary decision not to prosecute, on the assault charge and amended the stalking charge.

To summarize - Pastor Cureton faces a small fine and the loss of his job. Woohoo! That’s news in a small town! Of course, pastor Cureton wins a place on my list of hypocrites as a consolation prize.

Pastor Carl M. Cureton worked at Calvary Temple Church in Fredericktown, MO. I’ll file this story under clergy sexual abuse in a non-denominational Christian church.