Friday, January 31, 2014

Pastor Roy Harriger accused of sexual abuse

More than a dozen people have come forward with allegation of sexual abuse against pastor Roy Harriger. A grand jury will review the case.
The case first came to light last Thanksgiving, when State Police announced Harriger’s arrest. The 70-year-old pastor of Community Fellowship Church in the Town of Hartland was charged with incest, sodomy, and course of sexual conduct. 
He’s accused of molesting a boy and a girl about 12 years ago when he was pastor of the Wesleyan Church in Lyndonville. 
Those who know him from church came out to support him.
Church member Donna Kidney said, “I know he did not do it. He’s innocent. I know in my spirit, he’s innocent.” 
Source: At least 15 people allege pastor molested them by Eli George

Let hope that the grand jury hands down an indictment.

*** Update 2/4/2014

Pastor Roy Harriger was indicted by the grand jury.