Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When an institution knows of abuse and does nothing

Mom, I thought he was my friend - the 11-year-old victim of pastor Ray Teets

The Kentucky baptist seminary Pastor Ray Scott Teets attended, knew that he had a prior conviction for child sexual abuse but did nothing. This led to Teets ordination as a pastor, which in turn led to his recent arrest for indecent contact with a minor. You can read the whole sordid story here.

"After the verdict I learned he was in a Baptist school studying to be a minister," Markey said. "I filed a garnishment of any pre-paid tuition that he may have had. I attached to [the request] a copy of the complaint and the verdict that showed he had been convicted of the rape. I did that solely to let them know that they are teaching a rapist –- that they are going to make a rapist a minister. I never heard back from them."

The school knew he was a child rapist and chose to turn a child rapist into a pastor, which is fucking evil. Teets was the pastor at Fallen Timbers Community Church in Springhill Township, Pa., at the time of his arrest.