Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Poetry: The Cost by Joe Hino

This is a guest post by atheist poet Joe Hinol. If you would like to submit a poem, please see this link. - Mojoey

The Cost

As I traversed the World Bazaar
I spied an apple from afar
It glistened in the sun with taste
I had to own this fruit, post haste.

But as I sauntered down the path
A question in my mind was asked
I felt compelled, but filled with fright
…Something with this fruit’s not right.

So as this question slowed my pace
I chanced upon a preachers face.
He told me he would count me wrong
If I refused this gift so strong.

He shouted out I must be dumb
And I’d forever be the one
That went against the people’s whim
If I refused to dine with him.

He said I’m privileged, all the more
Traditions knocking at the door
He told me it’s the cake to get
To quote Archduchess Antoinette

Turn off your brain, ignore your sight
Embrace our patriotic right
Taste the nectar on your breath
Escape the consequence of death

His words, more eloquent than mine
I bit this apple so sublime
And watched the twinkle in his eye
As I began to slowly die

My sight grew dim, my heart expired
I lost my soul, consumed with fire
Alas, such wisdom inspires the lost
To ask how much the apple – really - cost

The author, Joe Hino, grants permission to reprint this poem. If you do so, please credit the author.