Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Justice in the John Freshwater case

Ohio teacher John Freshwater, profiled here, had his day in Ohio Supreme Court and lost. He was fired for preaching his religious beliefs in class. He also branded kids with a small cross.

The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld Mount Vernon city schools’ firing of an eighth-grade science teacher who was accused of advancing religion and the Christian theory of creationism in his classroom.

But the court held that the district’s orders that he put away the personal Bible he kept on his desk violated his First Amendment rights of freedom of religion and therefore would not have been sufficient cause to fire him.

Source: Supreme Court rules firing justified for teacher accused of advancing religion in classroom

Loons like John Freshwater are why we fight the good fight. He thinks my kids are fair game for conversion to his religion. I’ll never understand the motivation of these people. It is unethical.