Monday, June 23, 2008

John Freshwater fired!

Today is a good day. John Frshwater, the bible thumping, cross branding, fundamentalist Christian nutball of a teacher, has been fired by his community's school board.

The school board of a small central Ohio community voted unanimously Friday to fire a teacher accused of preaching his Christian beliefs despite staff complaints and using a device to burn the image of a cross on students' arms.
School board members voted 5-0 to fire Mount Vernon Middle School science teacher John Freshwater.

Source: Ohio teacher burns cross image on students' arms

My original post on freshwater earned me some hate mail and a few comments. One stood out. A Freshwater apologist who posted Anonymously.

THe [sic] electrostatic device that you say he used to "brand crosses into students arms" was mearly [sic] a science demonstration. the cross was really an x and was to show at what point the electricity would pass into the body...

I had felt bad about naming Freshwater a nutball. If the brand was really a small "X" then my position was too harsh. It turns out the brand in question was six inches long and shaped like a cross. The Freshwater apologist lied.

If you would like more information on Freshwater's termination, Panda's Thumb has a comprehensive post on the subject. Read the comment thread (92 as I post) for additional quality information.


Anonymous said...

Hang on, why should it make much difference whether the shape was a cross or an X? Surely the main point here is that he used the device to 'brand' one of his students. If it was a cross, that just makes it more crazy.

Mojoey said...

The way a student explained it to me the brand was a welt the size of about a dime in the shape of an X. I was supposed to be painless, voluntary and a safe science experience.

One picture was all it took to debunk this fundie crap.

On the scale of crazy, there is eccentric crazy and nutball crazy. I six inch cross is nutball crazy.

rikterwyd said...

You seem to have "your own" agenda. My point would be on your choice to use name calling as a way to make your point. It's taking a page from the republican party "George Bush" whom I would suspect you are not a allie with. Make your point, leave the playground tactics where they belong, let other people make theirs. It's the old American way.

Brit said...

John Freshwater is one sick cross burning, student abusing, creep. I have news for you though. He is still not fired and this is 2009. He is fighting it and inspite of testimony and pictures of the burns, he is saying "it wasn't a cross it was an x". Well the pictures show a cross and I guess in his mind lying must not be a sin. The board in Mt. Vernon are too spineless to fire him so far and John Freshwater's delusional supporters are blindly speaking out for him. Normally a person like this would be arrested and should be. Isn't burning a crime? I live in Mt. Vernon and this person is an insult to real religion and he disrespects the God loving people of other religions that he insists on insulting while he burns his students and marquerades as a good Christian who is a victim. Ramp up the pressure and get the state authorities involved to convict this sicko.