Friday, August 16, 2013

'I am special' says Missouri Rep. Paul Wieland

“I see abortion-inducing drugs as intrinsically evil, and I cannot in good conscience preach one thing to my kids and then just go with the flow on our insurance...”

Missouri Rep. Paul Wieland is Catholic and wants to make a point.

According to a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Wieland had been able to opt out of contraceptive coverage in previous years but was recently notified that it had become a requirement in the state plan, which he qualifies for as a member of the Legislature.

“In July I got a letter saying that opting out was no longer an option for me, and it really kind of upset me because I’m a devout Catholic,” Wieland told the Missouri Times.

While refusing to comment on the specifics of the case, Wieland’s attorney Timothy Belz acknowledged that the couple may be the only plaintiffs in the country currently seeking to be exempted as individuals. Belz told the Post-Dispatch that the legal precedent in cases filed by employers is mixed, but if Wieland prevails “it will be of great value to other families.”

Source: Republican lawmaker sues the federal government to keep his daughters from using birth control

Hey Paul! I'm pretty sure that it will only become an issue for you if you or your daughters choose to have an abortion. Otherwise, this is just a political stunt. And remember Paul, when your daughters seek an abortion (and the numbers tell us this is possible), they you get to pay for it yourself. 

Let me give you another out. Resign. Leave government in protest and go find a job in the private sector where you can practice your religion in private. 

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