Saturday, June 08, 2013

More on Geronimo Aguilar and evangelical madness

If your megachurch runs a tanning salon, fitness center, bookstore, daycare center, auto repair, and/or real-estate development under its tax exempt status, you are not attending a church. You are attending a for profit business which uses a church to hide its income. I'm absolutely sure this is not what Jesus intended. You might as well be a Catholic.

Geronimo Aguilar ran a business through a church and apparently kept a harem too. Don't worry though, the harem thing is in the bible someplace.

Moral Compass has an interesting post on a woman who claimed that Geronimo Aguilar had sex with her, her mother and her aunt.

For sexual gratification and variety, pastor Geronimo Aguilar, a.k.a. Pastor G., found no better hunting ground than the megachurch he founded in Richmond, Virginia, a decade ago.

And that’s saying something: the good reverend apparently got plenty of extramarital nookie in his previous state, Texas, too. It emerged last month that his “conquests” in Texas included prepubescent girls.

Since he was extradited from Virginia to the Lone Star State in May — felony charges against him include the aggravated sexual assault of two sisters under age 14 — other bedmates have come forward. Voluntary sex partners of the man of god and father of five include Richmond-area church member Amber Baker, whose extended family appears especially adept at, let’s say, snake handling.

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It appears that the scam works like this. Build a big church. Spread a lot of money around town. Provide services and help people, then shop from the at-risk population to satisfy your pleasures. it is a disturbing pattern, but I bet there is a manual around someplace. Too many of these churches are falling the same way. 

In other news, three other gangster pastors were asked to step down

A swirling controversy over the criminal past and alleged sexual proclivities of the founding pastor of Virginia's Richmond Outreach Center (ROC) megachurch, Geronimo Aguilar, came to a head on Wednesday when the church's board announced that it had accepted the resignation of four of its five pastors.

"The Richmond Outreach Center held a Board meeting this evening, June 5, 2013. Upon mutually agreeable terms, we hereby announce that we have accepted the resignations of Pastor Geronimo Aguilar, Pastor Jason Helmlinger, Pastor Andrew Delgado and Pastor Matthew Aguilar," noted the board in a terse statement posted to its website.

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