Saturday, June 08, 2013

A follow up on Heroes inside the SBC System

Bene Diction Blogs On made a post about Watch Keep, the subject of a post I made recently called Heroes inside the SBC System. Bene Diction's post adds some flavor to growing story of denial and anti-christian behavior on the part of First Baptist and SBC. Enjoy.

First Baptist Church - Houston - "I saw your blog"

Every time I think Southern Baptist leaders can’t mess up any more than they already are, they do.

Amy Smith is a courageous woman, who attends a SBC church and who is also the Houston director of S.N.A.P. For years she has been pointing out how SBC churches neglect their responsibilities in reporting paedophiles, protecting children, and SBC failures in ministering to abuse survivors. Her stand has cost her.

And it is costing her again.

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What I find most distressing is the meat grinder people like Amy go through when they become an enemy of the church. Amy is acting from love, while the church acts to defend its brand. How is this Christ like?