Saturday, May 04, 2013

Things that piss me off

Two things caught my attention this fine morning. Today's topics, people who abuse dogs and people who abuse the public trust.

In Honolulu, Andrea Fiegle cut her dog's throat because it sniffed her daughters crotch. Killing a dog for what everyone should understand to be natural behavior is just stupid. Fiegle was charged with a felony. 

A Haleiwa woman told police she slit her dog's throat because the canine would not stop sniffing her daughter's private parts.  This disturbing detail is in court documents outlining the animal cruelty charge against 36-year-old Andrea Fiegle.

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Congressman Lamar Smith took a further step towards idiocy by introducing a bill that would require research funded by the federal government to be approved by the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation before publication. Does he actually think the peer review process would improve with oversight or is he just trying to suppress information that conflicts with his political and business agenda?

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) floated a proposal last week that would require the U.S. agency that supports non-medical research to certify that its grants were only funding research that is groundbreaking, important, and original. Legitimate scientists said those conditions can't be guaranteed and contradict basic scientific method.

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Lamar Smith may not be an idiot, but he sure thinks that we are. 

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