Friday, May 03, 2013

Jason Collins is a Christian. Who knew?

I've heard nothing but praise and criticism of Jason Collins since he came out. All of my information came via radio, TV or online media. I did not read too deeply. It's been a busy week. At no time did I hear any mention that Collins was a dedicated Christian, in fact, his religion, or lack of it, was not part of the story. I just read Why Jason Collins' Faith is ignored. And Tebow's Isn't. I was surprised to find that Collins was a Christian because I would have thought that that this fact would have been important to the story. Silly me…

Collins and Tebow are a study in contrasts, perhaps especially when it comes to their faith. Tebow is known for game-saving theatrics and an equally performative profession of faith politicized by the culture wars. He’s positioned himself as an all-American poster child for the pro-life movement and homophobic groups like Focus on the Family. Collins, on the other hand, is a career role player who keeps his head down on the court and his devout Christian faith, rooted in family and community identity, private.

So Tebow, a man defined by his outward Christian faith is a hero to some and Collins, a man who lives his values, is ignored. It's a style over substance thing. Going with style is superficial and is wrong. Tebow is the opposite of a Christ follower, while Collins is the personification. Yet now, Tebow is a failed hero and Collins a successful villain, all because Collins is gay. It's wrong and It makes no sense at all. 

Collins is a hero to me and what he has done for America and Gay Rights is important. Tebow… I don't even think about him. He failed and accomplished little. 

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