Monday, April 01, 2013

Odd Easter practices and religious self-indulgence

In the Philippines, Ruben Inaje imitated the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by undergoing the crucifixion ritual on Good Friday. Why?

In a Good Friday ritual at a Filipino village, Ruben Inaje took his portrayal of Jesus Christ to the next level. On March 29, the 52-year-old volunteered to be crucified and nailed to a cross for the 27th time. Under a blistering sun, he was aided by Christian devotees dressed as ancient Roman soldiers. Watch the YouTube video here.

Inaje's occupation is also similar to that of the historical Jesus (who is identified in the bible as a carpenter). The 52-year-old Filipino is a house painter who has vowed to undergo the crucifixion ritual for the rest of his life.

Source: Filipino man nailed to cross and crucified on Good Friday by Marv Dumon

This is a tourist event which takes place on a fake hill with people who bask in the attention from the insipid masses. Dedicating ones life to experiencing the pain of crucifixion without actually dying on the cross is simply an act of theater. Crucifixion was horrible because it was a long and painful death. People suffered for days. Reenactments are like self-flagellation, which satisfies some inner-perversion and need for attention or adoration. This is religion for the stupid.