Saturday, February 23, 2013

I get mail - the prayer list

Pastor David J. Meyer is the gift that keeps on giving. I posted on him in 2007 and like clockwork, once a month or so, I get a flurry of emails. I'm on a lot of prayer lists. 

Barbara writes:

i happen to have known pastor david j meyer..he was a very intelligent honest hard working man and had a genuine concern for people .and didnt expect return.. he really practiced what he preached! i am sure you were on his prayer list to have a change in your life of foolishness and to recognize your place in this world and that if you dont repent and be baptized in the name of jesus christ for this remission of your sins..and receive the gift of the holy will meet your creator ....foolish or now i have placed YOU on MY...prayer list and will pray that you be awakened and return to normal.. Bless Y ou.!!!!!" ..barbara....

Why do they bother?