Monday, October 08, 2012

Youth pastor Eric Manual convicted


Eric Manuel, a former youth pastor, pleaded guilty to a charge of child molestation. He tried to corrupt a 15-year-old boy by offering money in exchange for sex acts. Manuel also stands accused of sexting with 17 other teen boys while pretending to be a teen girl.

Manuel faces 10 years to life in prison. I’m guessing we will not see this freak for a very long time.

Manuel can best be described as a newly minted youth minister. He passed muster because his criminal background check was just that; a criminal background check. I’m not a fan of simple checks. A reference check is required. I tell churches that hiring a youth pastor is like hiring a person to work on a secret project. Applicants must pass a reference check if they are to work on the project. There is no better way to determine the character of an applicant than by talked to those have interacted with them in a different setting. When I went through the process, they even talked to my high school teachers. A criminal background check is required, but it is not enough. A reference check is required. There was ample information available in this case. The Catholic Dioceses of Lafeyette did the bare minimum.

Manuel, a 2008 graduate of St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette, attended seminary for about one month before he voluntarily withdrew, according to information provided earlier this year by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette.

He had volunteered with youth ministry programs at St. Thomas More and Notre Dame High School in Crowley and participated in youth retreats and a mission trip, according to information from the Diocese.

Source: Man accused of coercing boys