Friday, August 24, 2012

Youth pastor Corey Weatherford arrested

Youth pastor Corey Ray Weatherford, a Baptist, was arrested for sexually assaulting two teen girls in Arkansas. Weatherford is a youth pastor for Reynolds Baptist Church. As usual, there is no mention of the arrest on the website.


The probable cause affidavit said Weatherford, of 2904 North 4 1/2 Street, served as head counselor at the camp and his two alleged victims, ages 16 and 17, respectively, were youth junior counselors. Weatherford reportedly engaged in sexual activity with the 16-year-old once and deviant sexual activity with the 17-year-old on two occasions, according to the affidavit.

Source: Youth minister arrested for sexual assault

The age of consent in Arkansas is 16 if the perpetrator is above the age of 20. There must be an exemption for professional clergy. Yes. I found it. If you are an professional listed under Arkansas code 12012-507(b), then you are treated differently.

Any clergy member, which includes a minister, priest, rabbi, accredited Christian Science practitioner, or other similar functionary of a religious organization, or an individual reasonably believed to be so by the person consulting him or her, except to the extent he or she:

It looks like Arkansas is getting its act together. Which is great given there are people like Corey Ray Weatherford out there preying on our kids.