Friday, August 24, 2012

Hypocrite pastor Grant Storms convicted

Hypocrite is a strong word, but pastor Grant Storm, profiled here, deserves the title. Storms would march through New Orleans’ with a broom demonstrating against homosexuality and other obscenities. It was his thing. He was a Christian Patriot. Whatever the hell that is. Now he’s a convicted sex offender.


Storms, 55, who lives in Metairie, declined to comment after the conviction. Judge Ross LaDart of the 24th Judicial District Court, who presided over the daylong trial because Storms waived a jury, did not even break to deliberate. He promptly found Storms guilty of the single count of obscenity. He sentenced Storms to three years of probation, citing no evidence of a criminal history.

Source: Rev. Grant Storms, critic of Southern Decadence, convicted of obscenity for public masturbation

The judge was careful to make it clear that Storms was not a pedophile, and I agree. I’ll call him a pervert, liar and hypocrite instead. He likes to masturbate in parks. That’s pervert material for sure.

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