Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rev. Petroske, “I’m embarrassed”

Thank gawd for the internet. Otherwise how would we get to make fun anybody?

Rev Peter Petroske, profiled here, was charged with two misdemeanors. He had this to say about driving around naked.

“I was uhhh ... hot ... I like to drive around naked,” Petroske said, according to the report, then adding, “… I don’t know what to say. … I’m embarrassed.”

We’ve all been there. Well, perhaps not naked and drunk behind the wheel of a car, but we’ve all been embarrassed a hell by something we’ve done. I’m for cutting Petroske some slack. He’s not my normal target.

The church is doing the right thing.

The Archdiocese of Detroit released a statement Tuesday confirming that Petroske had been indefinitely suspended, including the mandate that he is not to be on school or church grounds during the ongoing investigation.

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