Monday, August 13, 2012

I know this is simplistic, but…

I was reading this post on Reddit this morning. It is titled, “Jesus calls us to help the poor, why is this not a priority?” by Chicanobean. It got me thinking; if America is a majority Christian country and a key principle of Christianity is helping the poor, does it not stand to reason that no homeless person would be homeless because of need? 80% of American’s identify with a religious denomination. 36% go to church nearly every week. Why do we have homeless people if Christians are supposed to be dedicating themselves to helping the poor?

I have a few theories.

  • Christians are taught how to worship instead how to be Christians. I see this all the time. Going to church is more important the living the principles taught by Christ.In fact, the social interaction of going to church is the sole purpose of the whole experience.
  • Christians confuse tithing with helping the poor. I explained to a friend recently that tithing is how a church pays for its operations. After all expenses are paid, what is left can by used for charity work. Jesus told you to sell all your possession, not drop a $20 in the collection plate.
  • Christians follow the wrong doctrine. The whole, “God wants you to be rich” mindset is a great example of how an unscrupulous pastor can corrupt the message of Christ. Getting rich helps you. Jesus wanted you to help others.
  • Christians are fighting social causes that are politically motivated rather than biblical. This is one of my pet peeves. Stop try to tell others how to live and focus on living the principles that Jesus instead. Your house is a mess. Clean it up and set an example for others to follow. And… You are all wrong on the gay marriage thing anyway. Jesus did not tell you to stop Paul and Tom from marrying. He told you to care for the poor.

Simple, right? Are there other theories out there?

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