Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Pastor Oscar Perez’s trial starts

OscorPerezPastor Oscar D. Perez should have set off alarms in the minds of everyone who attended his “church”. For starters, whenever somebody appoints themselves the bishop of a one-man church, they already have issues. It is like running into a kid who proclaims themselves president and CEO of a business with no assets. No sane person will do business with them. It is common sense to avoid those who claim more than they are worth. A self-appointed bishop and sole pastor of a one-man church should see only empty pews on Sunday. 
With no oversight an unscrupulous pastor can create the opportunity for abuse. In this case, We know this from case after case of clergy sexual abuse reported here at Deep Thoughts. Oversight is one of effective way to reduce the risk of abuse. A one-man church is the exact opposite of a safe place for kids. It is more like a smorgasbord for pedophiles. Believers beware.
Perez is alleged to have committed lewd acts on several children under the age of 14. He faces 330 years in prison.
He is accused of meeting his five victims through the church and gaining their trust by befriending their families and having the boys assist with church services, according to the Orange County District Attorney's office.
Between 2007 and 2011, Perez is accused of sexually assaulting the five victims one or more times, starting when the boys were 9 to 15 years old. All of the sexual assaults occurred while the victims were visiting or sleeping over at the defendant's apartment, authorities said.
Source: Oscar D. Perez: A Lake Forest Pastor Accused of Pedophilia
Perez was the pastor of Iglesia Antigua Católica in Laguna Hills, The church operated from rented space in St. George's Episcopalian Church. This type of arrangement is potential indicator of a problem. Perez was trying to establish legitimacy by it’s association with an established and trusted church. It seems obvious now, but fall for this without question. I don’t understand.
I loved this line from Josh Dulaney of the OC Weekly, “If convicted, he could be leading Bible studies for up to 330 years in state prison.
The parents of some of victims let their children sleep over at Perez’s apartment unsupervised. They share responsibility for the abuse.