Sunday, July 08, 2012

Assault by bible

We are usually verbally assaulted by Christians carrying bibles. It starts with, “Have you heard the good news?” It ends with something about going to hell and eternal damnation. I’ve been verbally assaulted too many times to count. I’m sure you have too. Something different happened in a Baptist church down in Selmer. Ina Garrett threw her bible at pastor Leon Taylor and struck him in the face. The police arrested her.

According to a court complaint, McNairy County Sheriff’s Department deputies were summoned to the church in late-May to deal with a “lady that was unwanted.” Taylor told investigators that Garrett had been voted out of the church.

Source: Woman Arrested In Bible Thumping Of Baptist Pastor

Voted out of the church… It’s one of those things a church can do that I don’t understand. I knew a lady once, she worked for me 20 years ago, who was kicked out of her Baptist church. She had been a member for 12 years. Her crime, besides an acerbic tongue, she had a public argument the the pastor’s wife. Church politics forced her out. How Christ-like is that? I wonder what prompted the congregation of Mt. Zion Baptist Church to kick a 64-year old woman to the curb? Was it because she thinks the pastor is a demon?

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