Monday, July 30, 2012

Pastor Charles Savage indicted

Pastor Charles Savage is back in trouble again. This time he’s been indicted by the Adams County Grand Jury or the following crimes.

Charles Savage, 68, of Xenia, was indicted on the charge of Sexual Battery (seven counts) and Corruption of a Minor (four counts), felonies of the third degree.

He was charged with a similar crime in September of 2010, but his charges were dropped. I’ve been harassed and threaten by Savage’s supporters for almost two years. I even had to disable comments on my original post. I almost never disable comments. I am happy he’s heading back to court to face justice.

I’ve got a copy of the indictment. It’s chilling. The victim was a child between the age of 13 and 16 and was a not family member, the condition that applies is loco parentis. The indictments read:

Corruption of a minor: Being eighteen years of age or older, did engage in sexual conduct with another, who is not the spouse of he offender, when the offender knows such other person is thirteen years of age or older but less than sixteen years of age, or he offender is reckless in that regards.

Sexual Battery: Did engage in sexual conduct with another, not the spouse of the offender, when the offender si the other person’s natural or adoptive parent, or a s stepparent, or guardian custodian, or person is loco parentis.

I will follow this case closely. Every bit of information I find will be posted here.